Orbitalum TP Series

For orbital welding of tubes, pipes, flanges, fittings and more. The ORBIWELD TP series weldheads by Orbitalum Tools is completely unique in the market. Locating the motor inside the main housing results in the ORBIWELD TP series being very compact and the revolutionary design of the drive motor makes large & bulky drive mechanisms a thing of the past.

Unique Features:

  • Clamping mechanism and jaws move with a parallel motion.
  • Built-in remote control panel.
  • The TIG torch is mounted on a precision slide to give precise, fine control of the electrode during welding.
  • Easily clamped into position with redeveloped jaw design


Orbitalum TP Series Weldheads are distinguished by their versatility and user friendly operation. They can be easily clamped into posi­tion on the pipe and are locked in position with a quick action lever mechanism. Built in weld head controls eliminates the need for a separate remote control unit.

A swiveling TIG torch provides the capability for fillet welds or pulled-T joints. The TIG torch is mounted on a precision slide to give precise, fine control of the electrode during welding.

The wire feeder is located close to the welding torch which ensures a responsive wire feeding which can be synchronised with the pulsing of the welding current. This gives much better control of the weld pool than systems which have to push or pull the wire from a remote, separate wire feeder over long distances.

Application range:

Model                  TubeID [mm]        Tube ID [inch]                   Code

TP 250                       20* – 77                  1/2 – 3                        811 000 001

TP 400                       30 – 115              1 1/2 – 4 1/2                  812 000 001

TP 600                       70 – 170                   3 – 6                          813 000 001

TP 1000                     120 – 275                 5 – 10                        814 000 001


Suitable Power Supplies: