ORBIMAT 180SW Smart Welder

The new Orbimat 180SW Smart Welder by Orbitalum Tools sets new standards in tube and pipe welding performance and information connectivity. Its future orientated features includes LAN/WLAN (wifi) connectivity for sustainable recording of weld data to your company server. This information is viewable by quality control and production staff in real time. A redesigned user interface includes are larger full colour graphical touch screen as well as the original rotary actuator and softkeys. The newly designed machine housing with folding lid design better protects the machine controls from dust and damage for safer storage and transport. Become part of the Orbital Welding revolution with the 180SW Smart Welder.

Easy to Use:

The Auto-Programming function assists the operator in setting up weld procedures and only requires input of:

  • Tube diameter  
  • Wall thickness
  • Material
  • Weld Gas
  • Wire Feed ON/OFF

All settings can be modified further from the factory default as required.

Unique Features:

  • Completely new design with large graphical 12.4″ colour touchscreen
  • LAN/WLAN WIFI connectivity for real time productivity control
  • Industry 4.0 100% data recording functionality
  • Cost savings through precise “Permanent Gas” control
  • Increased safety with rotor torque control
  • Clear procedure organisation with windows style folder structure
  • Compact design with intergrated water cooling
  • Built-in mini printer


Suitable Weldheads:

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We are happy to offer a complete product demonstration or provide sample welds to interested parties.

Orbitalum 180SW Video

Orbitalum 180SW Technical Advantages Video

  • Smart
  • Sustainable
  • Productive
  • Perfect