Orbitalum OW170 Weldhead

The OW170 orbital fusion tig welding head by Orbitalum Tools is a rugged and reliable, totally enclosed unit with extremely high-duty cycle and excellent features. They have been designed and tested to sustain productive welding with the high thermal load of large diameters and greater wall thicknesses on tubes up to 6″.


  • In-handle integrated remote controls
  • Quick-change system for collets
  • Collet for nearly all standard elbows and fittings
  • Slim and Wide Collets for precision clamping
  • High duty cycle with excellent water cooling

Your benefits:

With the OW170 welding head, Orbitalum Tools has designed a weld head which is distinguished by its high-thermal load capacity. This development has been brought on by the changing requirements from the chemical, pharmaceutical and food-processing industries. Now there are new applications with increased wall-thickness requiring more heat-resistant weld heads.

With specially designed water channels running completely throughout the whole weld head body, a highly efficient heat exchange was created. This allows nearly continuous weld cycles even with high currents and high-duty cycles. The closed chamber design of the weld heads and the unique internal gas delivery system ensure a continuous non-turbulent gas shield around the whole weld joint resulting in minimal OD oxidation.

Application Range:

Model                        Tube OD[mm]  

  • ORBIWELD 170          50–170

Suitable Power Supplies:


Rental Availability: