ORBIMAT 300 CA Power Supply

Experience the advantages of orbital welding and truely expand your engineering capabilities with the Orbitalum  300CA Compact adnaced computer controlled orbital welding system.  With unique features like Flow Force and Back up purge control and the simplistic user interface take your pipe welding productivity to the next level with significant savings and too many advantages to ignore.

Unique Features:

  • Exclusive new design with single knob operation
  • Swivel mount 10.5″ colour monitor
  • Graphical operator guidance
  • Flow force programmable arc gas flow
  • BUP CONTROL programming (sectional programming of internal purging pressure with optional BUP CONTROL module)
  • Clear procedure organisation with folder structure
  • Unique new design with single knob operation, highly visible
  • 10.5″ colour monitor and built-in mini printer
  • Compact design
  • Built-in mini printer
  • Storage capacity for more than 5000 welding procedures
  • Extensive data logging with multi-language system
  • Data transfer via integral MultiCard-Reader (suitable for nearly all common cards)
  • PC offline software (optional) with simple conversion of data log files into pdf-files
  • WIDERANGE input voltage 85 – 260 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Integral water cooler
  • Total weight only 26 kg (165 CA) and/or 46 kg (300 CA), including full water cooler
  • Maintenance friendly with PSS (Pro-Service-System)

Easy to Use:

Easy to use Auto-Programming function which requires only input of:

  • Tube diameter  
  • Wall thickness
  • Material
  • Weld Gas


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We are happy to offer a complete product demonstration or provide sample welds to interested parties

Orbitalum Welding System Video