Orbiweld OW12 Micro Weldhead

The ORBIWELD OW12 Micro-Weldhead by Orbitalum Tools is a perfect solution for industries requiring high quality tube welds with extremely low clearances. It matches all types of micro -fittings for 3 – 12.7mm The ORBIWELD 12 microweldhead with its extremely compact design and the vari­ous cartridges, offers a unique flexibility and through an integral water-cooled body design an unusual high duty cycle for a weld head in that size.

Together with the ORBIMAT Compact Advanced or Smart range of orbital power sources you will get a high-precision welding system with ultimate flexibility and user friendly operation.

Unique Features:

  • Quick-change cartridge system for collets
  • In-handle integrated remote control
  • Collets for nearly all standard microfittings fittings
  • The extremely small design allows even the welding of microfitting to microfitting (for each tube size one specific cartridge is required)
  • Wide cartridge with changeable collets for standard applications except for microfittings
  • The removable cartridge system allows precise alignment of the joining parts, even under extremely narrow conditions


Suitable Powersources: