Orbitalum TP AVC/OSC Series Open Weldhead

Open-arc orbital welding heads with electronic arc voltage control (AVC) and oscillation (OSC) for heavy wall multi pass pipe welding processes.

The TP Series AVC/OSC Weldhead has a unique compact design thanks to the drive motor that is fully integrated into the weldhead housing. It also has a new clamping system to make installation on the pipe easier for the user  The TP AVC/OSC revolutionizes the welding of pipe with many unique features.

Options in this series are the TP400,  TP600 and the TP 1000

Machine Features:

  • The oscillation width is 20 mm
  • Complete with cold wire feed unit assembled directly on the welding head
  • With a simple to operate control knob, it is possible to adjust the clamping range across the welding head’s entire nominal range. No changing of clamp pads etc

Suitable Powersources:

  • Orbimat 300AVC/OSC