ORBIMAT 300 CA AVC/OSC Power Supply

The Orbimat 300CA AVC/OSC by Orbitalum Tools is a advanced computer-controlled power supply for orbital welding with electronic arc voltage control (AVC) and oscillation (OSC).

The arc voltage control system calculates and programs the length of the arc automatically in “mm” from the current voltage characteristics during welding. This avoids the usual time spent calculating the necessary arc voltage each time the weld power changes to maintain the arc at a consistent length in the individual sectors. During oscillation each of the edge holding times can be synchronized with the high-pulse settings. The center of the seam can be accessed manually and be determined using an automatic scanner. The electrode accesses each of side of the seam and then calculates the center of the path automatically. For asymmetric weld seam configurations this is compensated by an OFFSET function These functions are also shown graphically on the display for easier understanding. All the relevant functions can initially be changed even during the welding process by means of the remote control that forms part of the standard model and are later transferred into the program memory.

  • Entire operation by a single rotary actuator and soft keys
  • Graphically-supported welding auto-program setting
  • Flow force, programmable welding gas flow
  • Integrated hard copy printer
  • Capacity to store over 5,000 welding programs.
  • Comprehensive welding data documentation available in multiple languages