ORBIWELD OW-S Slim Weldheads

The Orbiweld OWS Slim Series fusion tube welding heads by Orbitalum Tools offer reliable German performance and perfect welding results in tube welding applications all around the world.

They bring unmatched efficiency and reproducible weld quality to process pipe engineers in many different industry applications.   When used in conjunction with our latest 180SW Smart Welder Power Supply they create a state of the art orbital welding system while still being easy to use, transport and set up onsite.

Orbital Welding Benefits:

  • >Reproducible tube welds with full documentation for your customer
  • >Less reliance on highly skilled labour
  • >Easy contract costing and quoting on a per weld basis
  • >High quality visual and physical tube welds

The Orbiweld Advantages:

  • Narrow design for welding of short radius elbows, fittings valve bodies etc
  • Superior water cooling design for weldhead longevity
  • Intergrated controls in the weldhead handle for weld start, gas/water test, rotation, and home postition
  • Quick change clamping collet design with no tooling required
  • Enclosed design for full gas protection during the welding cycle

Application Range:

Model                             Tube OD [mm]

  • ORBIWELD 38 S             3–38.1
  • ORBIWELD 76 S             6–77
  • ORBIWELD 115 S           20–115

Suitable Power Supplies:


Orbiweld OWS Weld Head Video:

Orbitalum Welding Systems Video:

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