Soft-/Hardware Package

This complete data logging package allows storage and transfer of procedures and welding parameters between machines and allows log files to be converted into PDF Files for ultimate flexibility and safety.

Suitable for all ORBIMAT orbital welding power supplies.


For external programming and data documentation, consisting of:

  • 1 CompactFlash card 32 MB for transferring data between the machine and PC.
  • 1 USB card reader for exporting the CompactFlash card on the PC(no further device required).
  • ORBIPROG_CA software allows programs and protocols to be stored on the PC.

All data can further be converted into PDF format, enabling this data to be read with practically any standard PC. Additionally, programs from C-series machines (e.g. OM 160 C) and CB-series can be converted to CA format with the help of software.

The parameters of the CA programs can be edited using the software and can be transferred back to CA models and used there after processing.