EZ Purge Watersoluble Purge Dams

A simple solution for purging in inaccessable tubes and pipes. Simply Fit with stick in and flush out when completed.

EZ Purge®
The all new, patented EZ Purge® is a pre-formed, self-adhesive water soluble purge dam that enables welders to save time on weld preparation as well as improve project timeliness. Since EZ Purge® is pre-formed, there is no need to measure, cut or construct a purge dam. There is no need to buy separate inventories or carry heavy rolls and tools to the job site. The welder simply peels, inserts and presses the dam in place. Setup and installation time is completed in minutes, making EZ Purge® the most efficient and economical purge dam available.


  • Save dam preparation time
  • Fill less volume with Purge gas
  • Simple was with water to remove

Simple Use Steps:

  1. Remove Adhesive strip
  2. Place Inside Tube and Seal
  3. Fit up pipe
  4. Purge from one end
  5. Weld Tube
  6. Fill Tube with water to remove the dam


Available Sizes

  • 2″ – 72″