Orbital Tools Liquid Plug Inflatable Stoppers

The LPI Inflatable Pipe Stopper from Orbital Tools is a robust and effective solution for safely plugging a pipeline with liquids present during maintenance or welding operations. The LPI series is suitable for high expansion application and can prevent liquid and gases flow . Their outer cover is made from a nitrile reinforced ballistic nylon which is puncture and tear resistant. It can also handle contact with hydrocarbons. The system is inflated using a standard ARO compress air fitting and can be pressurised up to 30 PSI (depending on the size). The air valve can easily be changed to the type of your choice.

These plugs are easy to transport and store and when pressure is removed reduce drastically in size allowing removal through small risers or maintenance accesses. Even a 24″ LPI can be easily removed through a 6″ hole.

Available in all common pipe sizes up to 72″ and larger and can be supplied with and optional bypass tube


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• Sizes for all standard piping
• Robust construction with nitrile reiforced ballistic nylon fabric
• Resistance to oil and hydrocarbons
• Easy inflation and deflation with ARO type fitting
• Standard threads for easily hose and fitting adaption
• Long term, reusable solution


• Pipeline maintenance
• Pipeline purge welding
• Contamination containment