I Purge X Inflatable Purge System

Revolutionary Pipe Purging solution featuring all modular components and expandable bladders for multiple pipe or tube sizes. The latest technology in safe and controlled purge welding.

Model Sizes:

XALBD2-3   2-3″ System
XALBD4-6 4-6″ System
XALBD8-12 8-12″ System
XALBD14-18 14-18″ System
XALBD20-26 20-26″ System
XALBD28-36 28-36″ System
XALBD38-48 38-48″ System


• One Model Fits Multiple Sizes
• Unique Modular Design For A Customized Solution
• Easy Change And Replacement of Components
• Strong Pull Loops For Insertion and Removal
• Carrying Bag For Protection And Storage
• Manufactured in the USA from the Highest Quality Materials
• Long Term, Reusable Solution
• Use a Combination of sizes or as an isolator.

Proprietary Relief Valve Technology and Inert gas diffuser*

• Preset Relief Valve Allows for Precise Flow Rates
• Decreases The Risk Of Over-Inflation
• Low Profile Relief Valve Available on 2″ and 3″ Models
• Reduces turbulence of gas Flow within the Weld Zone
• Improves Weld Quality and Consistency


I Purge Operation Video