Cleanox 3.0 Weld Cleaning Machine


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The Cleanox 3.0 is an indestructible transformer device for Cleaning and polishing of TIG seams and bright or dark marking. The Cleanox 3.0 is the entry device into the AC/DC class. It cleans speedily, using our XL carbon fibre brushes. It can also be used in direct current (DC) mode for polishing to create a mirror-like surface.

Work pieces can be marked with bright or dark patterns using the optionally available marking set.

Benefits of Cleanox 3.0 Devices:

  • Useable with XL Brushes with 40% more usable length than competing devices
  • Fan Cooling for maximum duty cycle
  • Stainless Brush bodies for easy replacement and no corrosion
  • AC power option for creating a mirror like finish
  • Made in Germany Quality construction



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The three models of the Cleanox series differ in their functional scope to provide for individual needs. All of them are among the most powerful devices in the market. 70 A continuous current at 100% duty cycle and pulse currents of up to 140 A – achieved with very light and transportable devices – make our competitors take note. The weight was significantly reduced compared to the previous series by using plastic and aluminium. The front and rear are made of acid-resistant and food-safe polypropylene, and are very rugged.

Working Specifications:

  • Power Output: 1250VA
  • Device Weight: 14Kg
  • Mains Voltage: 230V/50Hz/6A
  • Protection Class: IP21

Machine comes with:

  • Cleanox 3.0 machine
  • Teflon handle with 4m cable 10 mm2
  • Earthing cable 4mtr, with 200A clamp
  • Carbon fibre brush XL
  • 1L Cleaning and polishing electrolyte
  • Wide-mouth container
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Plastic transport box


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Weight18 kg
Dimensions25 × 35 × 30 cm