Inox 8500 Weld Passivating Machine

Our latest and most advanced Weld Cleaning system, Eliminate pickle and paste with the INOX 8500 machine to electronically passivate welds.

The Inox 8500 is our latest model Stainless Weld Cleaning Machine with twice the effective power as the INOX 3000


Eliminate the need for traditional pickle and paste with the Inox 8500. This machine uses an electric weld passivation processes to quickly and safely remove heat marks from weld surfaces and prevent the weld oxidising. A compact, portable machine allows you to clean welds in hard to access areas and avoid leaving dangerous chemicals on the job.


  • Flexi Head Torch Handle
  • Polishing / Etching / Plating Functions
  • Sealed Connectors
  • Auto Overload Protection – Current Control Technology
  • Auto Restart – No Fuses
  • 3.6m Earth & Brush Leads
  •  Compact & Lightweight

Package Includes:

  • Inox 8500 Machine
  • Brush Lead
  • Sliding Brush Shroud
  • 10 Heavy Duty Brushes
  • Earth Clamp
  • 5L of Pink Cleaning Solution
  • 5L of Neutraliser Solution