Liquifilm Water Soluble Adhesive Liquid

Liquifilm is a Range of transparent water soluable products for use as a purge gas barrier when TIG Welding. It enables quick purge dam construction from adhesive liquid and transparent film.


• Impenetrable Purge Barrier for Retaining Noble Gas (Argon or Argon/Helium Mix)
• Flexible & Robust
• For Use on Stainless, Duplex and Chromium Steels & Titanium Alloys
• Can Be Punctured for Gas Inlets and Outlets with Little Risk of Tearing
• High Resistance to pressure, allowing for greater positive pressure to be maintained in weld area
• Ease of Viewing During Welding Process
• Ease of Removal, Rapidly Dissolves in Hot or Cold Water
• Leaves No Residue In The Pipeline