HGG SPC500-1200PT 3D CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

The SPC 500-1200 pipe cutting machine processes a wide variety of materials, sizes and wall thicknesses, making it suitable for all applications. It comes with oxy fuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM interfaces.

The SPC is a highly accurate pipe cutting machine that clamps and rotates the pipe in a chuck during cutting. Pipes up to 1200 mm (48”) in diameter can be processed with a wide range of part lengths and profiling shapes. Available with many options, this machine can be customized to suit your needs and requirements.

Highly Accurate Oxyfuel and Plasma 3D Cutting – The main drive prevents creep and slip. And the ultra light bi-axial cutting head for rapid movements.
Intuitive Machine Operation – special designed user interface
Safe and Environmentally Friendly – Integrated 3-point fume extraction.
Attention to Operators Health and Safety – By a 3-point fume exhaust, emergency stops, protective glass, blast proofing.
CAD connections – Having partnerships with CAD companies all over the world, combined with having in-house developed software, enables HGG to offer integrated connections between the SPC and many CAD packages.
Touch screen interface- Although its functionalities are extensive,it takes just a touch screen interface to operate the SPC. This interface is clear, intuitive and easy to operate.


Working Range:

  • SPC500 – 48-510mm OD
  • SPC800 – 48-815mm OD
  • SPC1200 – 48-1225mm OD