BevelMite EBI-3.0 Beveling Machine Electric

The all new design BevelMite EBI3.0 is a perfect solution for lighter beveling and rounding work up to a depth of 6mm and radius of R4. The new 3.0 version which has precise depth adjustment for higher accuracy bevels, and an improved electric motor and flange head. These lightweight machines are highly portable and very maneuverable for creating smooth bevels and radius’s on complex parts and small internal holes.


  • Lightweight, highly portable design
  • Easily switch between bevel angles or radius sizes by changing a single tool
  • Highly durable, patented tooling design
  • Superior tooling life to competing insert type machines
  • Tooling suitable for mild steels, aluminium and also heat affected edges from laser and plasma cutting

Working Range:

  • Max Bevel Depth [mm] 6
  • Bevel Angles: 15, 22.5, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60
  • Rounding Radius: R2, R3, R4


Machine comes with:

  • Bevel Mite EBI-3.0
  • Environmentally friendly storage box
  • (Tooling must be purchased separately)