Victor FI14M Manual Flange Facer

Save time and recommission pipe connections quickly with the Victor FL14M manual flange facer. A ultra portable manual solution for flanges up to 14″. Supplied as a ready to go solution with a full set of clamping blocks for all flange sizes in a durable transport and shipping case. This machine is perfect for insitu flanges with difficult access.




Victor FL14M Advantages

  • Manual Operation – No power supply required
  • Feed options according to ASME standard
  • Lightweight and Ridged Body
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Explosion proof
  • Supplied in Rugged Plastic Storage Case

Machine Specifications:

  • Flange ID Clamping Max  – 270mm
  • Flange ID Clamping Min – 27.2mm
  • Flange Facing Diameter Max – 355.6mm
  • Flange Facing Diameter Minimum -27.2mm
  • Tool Post Vertical Travel 40mm
  • Tool Post Horizontal Travel 57mm
  • Machine Weight: 9kg
  • Shipping Weight: 28kg

Enquire Now:

Weight28 kg
Dimensions68 × 51 × 24 cm