Type 4 Internal Pipe Alignment Clamps


  • USD: $303.05 - $425.49
  • EUR: 278.63€ - 391.20€
  • AUD: $453.34 - $636.51
  • CAD: $412.24 - $578.80
  • GBP: 239.00£ - 335.56£

The Type 4 Internal Alignment clamps are designed to hold flanges and other fittings securely and central to pipe of varying diameters for tack welding. The clamp has two independently expanding sections which insert into the pipe and are tightened securely by the starwheel knob. The top expanding clamp is used for holding the flange or fitting and is tightened by the hand bar.


  • Large Size Range for each model
  • Securely holds heavy flanges
  • Automatic varying diameter compensation
  • Stainless clamping points
  • Save time on flange fit up
  • Made in the EU

Model ID Range:

CMIA54115 54-115mm ID
CMIA85220 85-220mm ID
CMIA120315 120-315mm ID
CMIE180520 180-520mm ID

(Please contact us directly for availability and pricing of the larger sizes)

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Size Range

54-140mm ID, 85-220mm ID, 120-315mm ID, 180-520mm ID

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