Single Chain Alignment Clamp


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High quality double jackscrew, single chain alignment and reforming clamps for accurate fit up of a wide range of pipe sizes.

Double jackscrews with strong threads allow pressure to be applied on both sides of the weld joint until accurate fitting is achieved.

Pipes can be tacked with the clamp in place.

Also available in double chain configuration for maximum reforming force.


  • -One clamp allows fitting of a wide range of pipe sizes.
  • -Easy to fit on the pipe
  • -Strong duplex chain
  • -Safely permits elbows, tees and other fittings to be held
  • -Reforms Schedule 40 pipe and aligns pipe up to Schedule 80
  • -Available in steel and stainless steel chains
  • -Zinc plated and powder coated for corrosion protection
  • -May be used as a Single Jackscrew Clamp by backing one jackscrew off the clamp
  • -Supplied in Heavy Duty Steel storage box


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Pipe Material

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel


4-20", 10-36", 10-54", 10-72"