Orbitalum P16 Tubesheet Welding Head Rental

The Orbitalum P16 Orbital welding heads are designed for efficient welding of tubes fitted to tubesheets in heat exchangers, boilers, dryers and box headers with highest precision and reproducible quality. The nature of these applications and high volume of welds make orbital welding the perfect solution.

The P16 is available for rental from Orbital Tools NZ, this needs to be supplied in combination with an Orbitalum Orbital Power Supply for operation. Submit you project dates below and our technical team will contact you to discuss the project requirements and specifications.



  • Easy and safe handling with ergonomic operation
  • Completely liquid cooled weld head housing.
  • Up to 30° continuous swiveling TIG torch (by reduced diameter)
  • Three point mounting made of stainless steel
  • P16 is equipped with a cold-wired feeding and a retainer for a 100mm standard wire spool which are directly mounted to the welding head for twist free feeding.
  • 7.5m hose package

Suitable Powersources:

  • Orbimat 300 CA
  • Orbimat 180SW Smart Welder