CB5 ProSeries 5 Inch Tube Cutting Block


  • NZD: $445.00
  • EUR: 251.77€
  • AUD: $411.27
  • CAD: $373.18
  • GBP: 214.13£

Check out the all new ProSeries Tube Cutting Block in 5″ size . Simply clamp this saw guide around the tube and tighten, for a perfectly square cut with a reciprocating saw. Very handy for cutting into existing pipelines to fit valves or branches. Precision machined and made of treated steel and for long life. The CB5 suits standard inch size stainless tubing

New Features of the ProSeries Tube Cutting Block Sets:

  • Recess Groove to allow for clamping over existing weld
  • Machinined nut for quick and easy tightening into place
  • Single piece machined for strength
  • Made in Australasia
  • Cutting Blocks also available individually in 6 Inch
  • Cutting Blocks also availabe in 1-4″ kit
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American Size: 5″OD

Metric Size: 127mm OD


Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions22 × 17 × 5 cm

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