AMI Arc Machines M79-6225 Welding Head – SOLD

The Model 79-6225 orbital welding head from AMI Arc machines is a full function welding head with arc voltage control and oscillation for multi pass pipe welding procedures.

With a lightweight body it is easy to mount on and off the pipe with strong continuously adjustable clamping jaws.

This used machine is for sale and has had very little use and is excellent condition.

Connections for Model 227 Power Supply. Machine sale will includes a rotation control cable so you are ready to weld.

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• Pipe Diameter Min/Max: 50mm-170mm (2″ to 6.225″)
• Wall Thickness: Up to 19mm
• Wire Feeder: Onboard 1kg / 2lbs Spool
• Filler Wire Diameter: 0.8mm-0.9mm
• Weight: 10kg
• Torch: 250 Amp Water Cooled


• Arc Voltage Control (AVC) for precise arc gap control
• Programmable oscillation and precision wire feeder with wire guide positioned
• Integral clamping system with the ability to adjust for different pipe and tubing diameters in seconds
• Clamping mechanism allows automatic centering of the weld head on the pipe
• Water cooled torch for 100% Duty Cycle operation

Weight10 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 25 cm