April 26, 2021
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Orbital Tools NZ are pleased to have provided rental Orbital Welding equipment for this UHP manufacturing facility project. The installation involved 2500 meters of 6.35mm OD electropolished UHP (ultra high purity) stainless steel tubing and over 800 micro fittings. All of which required welding to SEMI F78 Standard. (Practice for GTA welding in semiconductor manufacturing applications)

The Orbitalum equipment provided by Orbital Tools NZ is perfectly suited to meet the stringent standards with simple and sustainable weld documentation in PDF format and comprehensive data recording. The client found the Orbimat 180SW Power Supply to be very user friendly and highly reliable.

The Smart Welding solution

Equipment Used

  • Orbitalum 180SW Smart Welder
  • Orbitalum OW12 Micro Weldhead
  • Orbitalum RPG One Cordless Facing Tool
  • Orbitalum ESG Plus Tungsten Grinder

Renting Orbital Welding equipment can be a smart choice to provide flexibility and efficiency to your project. Orbital Tools can supply complete welding systems, additional welding heads as well as consultancy and machine training. Rental allows you to avoid the upfront investment cost prior to project start and is also a opportunity to test our equipment in an actual project application.

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