Flex Purge System

The Flex Purge is a double seal purging system that works in the ranges from 25mm to 150mm for purging of pipes and tubes with inert gas before welding.

Flex Purge is easy to pull through pipes and bends without tilting. The design of the system also guarantees that at least one disc holds tight and this will reduce both purging time and inert gas use.
Going from the welding of one pipe dimension to another, you simply change the sealing discs on the basic unit. Basic units are available in 3 lengths, 120 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm. Each basic unit will fit all sizes of the sealing discs.

The Silicone Discs are temperature resistant up to 320°C.

Kit Contains:

• Silicone Discs up to size 6″
• Basic Unit
• 10m stainless steel wire
• Durable storage Case
• 10m hose